Collection: Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs have been used for over 3000 years starting in Ancient Asia and Africa. Yoni eggs are natural healing crystals from the earth. These crystals help with healing from womb trauma, strengthening pelvic floor muscles, increase in sexual pleasure and so much more. Women all over the world are using yoni eggs now for their own personal reasons.

Thousands of years ago, crystals were only available to empresses and concubines of royal families. By using yoni eggs, women were able to keep their yoni tight, boost longevity and enhance their feminine and spiritual powers. This healing practice was used in a way to enhance sexual pleasure for men but is also pleasurable for women.

Having sex with yoni eggs has been pleasurable for a lot of other women, but it’s all up to you. Using yoni eggs makes the yoni wetter and allows you to control male ejaculation and stronger orgasms.

Yoni eggs gemstones can be used in several ways. Mainly, women insert the crystals into their vaginal canal like a tampon. I’ve noticed that some women never insert and will use them by holding for meditation and healing purposes.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs:
Strengthens vaginal muscles.
Reduces menstrual cramps.
Helps with fertility.
Enhances sexual energy.
Prevents urinary incontinence.
Detox your womb.
Increases vaginal lubrication.
Intense orgasms or multiple orgasms.
Assist with recovery after childbirth.
Increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner.

All of our yoni eggs are medium size and undrilled, unless otherwise noted.