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Gripper Gel & Applicator

Gripper Gel & Applicator

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YOUR SECRET TO ENHANCING PLEASURE - A firmer vaginal grip increases sensation and sensitivity. Get this vaginal gripper gel to please your partner. Restore your elasticity and solve vaginal loose with this vaginal gripper gel, and you will notice a boost in sensation during intimate moments.

WORKS WONDERS - This vaginal gripper gel tightens your vagina for your man to feel the difference. This vaginal gripper gel makes your muscles clench and not let go giving your man the pleasure of his lifetime. No need to go through all those annoying exercises as with this gripper gel, you get as good as new.

GENTLE VAGINAL CARE - Vaginal Gripper Cream has nutritional components that improve overall vaginal health by lifting, firming and deeply moisturizing vaginal tissues. A non-irritating women enhancement gel.

BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE - Don’t let self-doubt become a problem in your bedroom. We got you this vaginal rejuvenation product to help tighten loosened muscles. Feel more confident about your performance.

LASTING RESULTS AND EXPERIENCE - Long-lasting pleasure awaits you and your partner with this vaginal-shrinking gel. Get a long-term gripper experience and relive the virgin moments with our natural antiseptic gripper gel to experience a more comfortable life.

How to use: Wash hands before use. Wash the labia and the area surrounding them. Lay down with your hips raised up and remove the protective cover of the applicator, which you then insert inside your vagina and push the gel inside. Take the applicator out, discard the applicator and wash your hands. Keep your legs/hips up for another 10 minutes.
When to use: The best time to use the gel is before a bedtime, overnight, while lying down to prevent leakage of the product.
How often to use: No more than one per week.
Warning: Do not use during pregnancy or during a menstrual period, or if you have any allergy to the gel. Only intended for vaginal use. Do not take orally.


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